Group Tickets and Reservations

If you are planning to take a group to Switzerland, we have special fares where we offer 1 free place for every 10 passengers and the group rate is approximately 20% cheaper than the individual fare. These conditions only apply within Switzerland and for point to point journeys.

Contact our rail department on 020 7420 4908 or email railtrade@stc.co.uk with your requirements.

Seat Reservations on Scenic Journeys
Switzerland operates a number of scenic journeys for example the famous Glacier Express, Bernina Express, Golden Pass Express, William Tell Express and Swiss Chocolate train. All these journeys are covered by the STS pass but reservations are compulsory. We can reserve for individuals and groups travelling on point to point tickets.

Contact us on 020 7420 4900 for further information or email us at sales@stc.co.uk with your request.

Group Seat Reservations within Switzerland
We can organize group reservations for 10 or more people travelling on the Swiss Railways network giving confirmed space on the train as well as peace of mind.

Contact the rail department on 0207 420 4908 or email railtrade@stc.co.uk for further assistance.  

Guides and Scouts
We offer exclusive tickets for Guides and Scouts travelling from the Swiss border or airport to the international centre and back. Our Guide and Scout Swiss Card is cheaper than the public Swiss card and is only available through the Switzerland Travel Centre.

Contact the rail department on railtrade@stc.co.uk with your requirements.